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Achilles Group is the leading global provider of supplier-management information within several industrial sectors, such as O&G, energy, transport, and construction. The Joint Qualification System Achilles was established in Norway in 1990.  Today Achilles operations involve 47 000 pre-qualified suppliers from 30 countries.

The portfolio of Achilles tools and solutions significantly accelerates the processes of procurement strategy development, pre-qualification of suppliers and contractors, tender management and decision-making. This leads to a shortening of the procurement cycle. Customers and suppliers of products and services qualified within Achilles have online access to system tools around the globe.

Model of Joint Qualification System Achilles

Before JQS Achilles was created, each company procuring products or services utilized only individual schemes for the search and pre-qualification of suppliers.


Today, however, more and more O&G companies are outsourcing the pre-qualification function to the coordinating company Achilles, which specializes within this sphere.

Achilles – up-to-date information on qualified suppliers of products and services, opportunities and contracts in international and regional markets.

Achilles – a fair system of qualification according to joint criteria of a segmented industry sector.

Achilles – an efficient tool for market, technical and strategic analysis for efficient decision-making based on modern information-technologies.

Achilles – your mandate of market position and quality achieved.

Achilles – your first stop en-route to the international market.

Qualification in JQS Achilles renders the supplier more “visible” and competitive in the market.

How to become qualified (registered) with Achilles

Suppliers intending to obtain qualification should fill in the application form along with two standard declarations and forward these to the Achilles Information Center.

Standard annual certification includes up to 40 categories of products and/or services (products above this limit are registered at an additional charge). Click here for nomenclature of product/service categories within JQS Achilles.

To find out more about registration please visit www.achilles.com.

If you require practical or consulting assistance in obtaining qualification (registration) you may apply to Red Star Consulting – the exclusive partner of Achilles in Russia.

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